Saturday, 16 December 2017

Ice skates for Christmas?

Gosh you know it's only a quarter of a mile to the park but it took FOR EVER to walk there this morning.

We have here a worst case scenario, paw grip-wise.

It all started over a week ago with two to three inches of snow.

Of course the Aberdeen City Council road gritter considers our quiet road the lowest of low priority.

Over the next few days the traffic compressed the snow and it packed down hard and turned to ice.

Then it rained in the night and the very top layer of ice melted to create a surface maximum hazard.

Our road is now like a skating rink but more slippery.

And we discover that Gail is no Torvill and I am no Dean.

I would like to mention that humans have it relatively easy; they are not faced with the problem of maintaining their balance while cocking their leg (a slightly tricky manoeuvre on the best of surfaces, for a WFT with a high centre of gravity and compact paws).

Ok, so Gail has pointed out that I don't absolutely have to cock my leg.

But really, what self respecting male wants to be seen IN PUBLIC peeing like a girl?

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Small but perfectly formed?

It's been quite a week...

We made it safely back home from the West Coast on Monday, with the help of a shovel and our kind Torridon neighbour Dominic.

We survived Gail taking photos out of the car window en route.

We even survived finding out that the boiler in Aberdeen had a broken motherboard, now thankfully fixed (cross paws). So we are now ready - and not before time, I hear you saying - to think about Christmas.

Our tree this year is small but perfectly formed. Just like me in fact. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas deliveries on hold in NW Highlands

Greetings from the Winter Wonderland of Torridon.

We're still here and the local roads are still impassable. The Royal Mail van has apparently been stuck since Friday.

The mountain snowscape is stunning, but the ice is making my paws a wee bit sore. Maybe I should ask Santa for some boots?

Saturday, 9 December 2017


No-one likes to think they are getting old and unadventurous do they?

When Gail and I woke up to a snowy street scene in Aberdeen on Friday morning, I could tell she was having second thoughts about our plan to drive across the Highlands to Torridon this weekend.

Well we went for the usual walk in the park ...

... then checked the weather forecast about 87 zillion times, and I bounced around the house reminding Gail of the importance of staying young at heart, and to my great relief she flipped into girl scout 'be prepared' mode and announced: "Ok Bertie let's put the shovel in the car, and a thermos of coffee, and charge the phone, pack loads of warm clothes (including your hot-off-the-knitting-needles new jumper) and head out west".

Five hours and only one minor skid later, just before dark, we arrived in Torridon.

I regard it as totally unimportant that come this morning the steep road leading down to the cottage is now too icy for Gail's car, even with its winter tyres, to ascend.

We have food and fuel for several days, books to read, a so-called broadband internet connection and a blog to write, and the world will not end if Gail fails to make it to that work meeting in Aberdeen on Tuesday...

Oh yes and later today we shall be calling round to visit our nice neighbour and expert knitter Julia. Do you think she'll approve of my sweater?